European Clean Sky Project (FP7) – I-PRIMES

European Clean Sky Project (FP7) – I-PRIMES

I-PRIMES: Intelligent Power Regulation using Innovative Modules for Energy Supervision

JTI-CS – Joint Technology Initiatives – Clean Sky
from 2012-06-01 to 2014-12-31

I-PRIMES is a European FP7-JTI project of the Clean Sky research program, in the Aeronautics sector.

The participants to the project:

  • University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”;
  • Aeromechs: whose brothers Rubino Guido and Luigi were responsible for the design, construction and testing of hardware and firmware codes of the SSPC (Solid State Power Controller) designed.

All parts of the project have been developed and implemented at the Rubino brothers’ laboratory, now RubinoLab.


Test of the I-PRIMES device:


The main objective was the development of a hardware/software device capable of implementing an innovative energy management system (I-LPM) for an aeronautical power grid.
I-PRIMES is an advanced “intelligent” system for electrical loads, which optimizes consumption and uniforms energy demands in transient periods of power or when an electrical failure occurs.

The system uses a modular structure.

Each cell consists of a programmable device, an interface stage and an innovative power unit that implements a filtering technique on the 270Vdc line of small dimensions.
The “master” module was able to implement I-LPM and communicate the energy management strategy to the “slave” modules via CAN-BUS 2.0B. Some “slave” modules are “fixed power”, others with “variable power” to reduce consumption.


  • Nominal voltage: 270V (DC)
  • Maximum single cell power: 15kW
  • Operating modes: ON / OFF – buck converter
  • Line filters DC bus 270V @15kW
  • CAN-BUS 2.0

TEST: RIG SAFRAN (Tolouse-Paris).

Invitations and presentations of the I-PRIMES project

  • CIRA “Italian Aerospace Research Center” of Capua (12 Giugno 2014). Presentation of the I-PRIMES device at the “Clean Sky GRA Annual Review” meeting. During the meeting, the functions of the I-PRIMES device were shown in a conference room with a real-time demo to the Clean Sky project managers and executives of companies in the aeronautics sector.


  • Stand “Clean Sky” al 49th Farnborough International Airshow (18 lug 2014 – 20 lug 2014). Selected to show and demonstrate the functionality of the I-PRIMES device.


An upgrade of the project I-PRIMES with hardware/software extension is an EPC (Electrical Power Center) that is been projected and realized for “PERMIT TO FLIGHT LEVEL”.

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