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RubinoLAB is an Italian laboratory that has been working in the sector of electronics and high-tech and thus able to collaborate with clients on the design, development of electronic boards and electronic devices, on the integration and test of devices and systems, mainly in aerospace and electronic sectors.
We also provide rapid prototyping and after-sales services.


Actualisation of our clients' ideas and projects.


Feasibility study with analysis and evaluation of the characteristics, costs and possible results of a project based on the preliminary idea.

Prototyping & production

Realization of prototypes to evaluate characteristics according to specifications before industrial production.

Product maintenance & repairing

The boards can be updated with new products that reduce costs or replace components that are no longer in production.

Last published articles

<p>Some of the activities carried out for European projects, universities and research centers.</p>

European Clean Sky Project (FP7) – EPOCAL

EPOCAL: Electrical POwer Center for Aeronautical Loads

04 Jan 19 admin

EOBD socket (European On Board Diagnostic)

With the term OBD or OBD-II, in the automotive, motorcy

07 Dec 18 admin

Comparison isolated galvanically converter USB – CAN BUS

This article reports a comparison between CAN-ISO (of R

05 Dec 18 admin

Clone Arduino & driver chip CH340, CH340G, CH341

The CH340/CH341 chip is used by a number of Arduino com

28 Nov 18 admin

CAN-ISO with CANHacker graphic interface

In this section we will see how to make an “Unive

05 Nov 18 admin

CAN-ISO: Code configuration and test

In this section we will see how to configure the module

12 Oct 18 admin

CAN-ISO: Galvanically isolated CAN-BUS Shield (ARDUINO)

The first “galvanically isolated” product,

12 Sep 18 admin


Wireless Resonant Inductive Power Transfer for an Ebike

22 Jul 16 admin

European Clean Sky Project (FP7) – I-PRIMES

I-PRIMES: Intelligent Power Regulation using Innovative

31 Dec 15 admin

LLC resonant converter

On this page presents several photos of a

08 Feb 14 admin


Focusing on the customer RubinoLAB aspires to become a

01 Jan 00 admin

Development and industrialization

Engineering Services: Reverse Engineering Design upon c

01 Jan 00 admin


A small collection of projects developed by RubinoLAB.

01 Jan 00 admin