Comparison isolated galvanically converter USB – CAN BUS

Comparison isolated galvanically converter USB – CAN BUS


This article reports a comparison between CAN-ISO (of RubinoLAB) with commercial USB-CAN BUS product (galvanically isolated).
Since there are no “galvanically isolated” CAN bus shields on the market for Arduino or similar platforms, the RubinoLab Team has compared CAN-ISO with the best interfaces on the market that allow to use both proprietary and new interfaces for customization.

Comparing the data shows that the CAN-ISO interface (RubinoLAB) is the only solution with “open software”, all others have limitations on the use platforms (typically OS Windows), firmware, and use of proprietary software.
This allows use in the industrial, and low-cost automotive sector.
CAN-ISO has two power inputs (but only one power supply): USB and pin on CAN connector. Typically via USB for use as a sniffer connected to the PC, from pins on CAN connector to create a stand-alone device with remote power supply (not connected to the PC). The two power supplies guarantee galvanic isolation and power supply of the CAN-ISO shield and the Arduino board (or compatible).
CAN-ISO has many free pins on the shield and allows you to connect displays, buttons, potentiometers, sensors, etc. to create new devices with bi-insulated CAN-BUS bidirectional connectivity.
Excellent for creating a CAN test bench for control units with interfaces created ad hoc.

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